About Us

Family owned and operated, once you've visited Sapodilla's, you become part of the family.

Sapodilla’s is not just a restaurant; it’s a welcoming home where every customer becomes part of the family. Their story reflects the power of
determination, passion, and family values in achieving success and building a lasting legacy.

Marva, Wilken Kitt and their family’s journey from Guyana to the United
States is a testament to their courage and entrepreneurial spirit. Their
decision to leave behind a successful garment factory business in pursuit of a new life in the U.S. is both inspiring and daring.

Samantha’s passion for food and her dedication to preserving her family’s legacy recipes led to the creation of Sapodilla’s Caribbean Restaurant. Her 1999 college assignment became the foundation for a thriving family-driven catering business that eventually blossomed into a renowned restaurant since 2007.

What makes Sapodilla’s truly special is not just its delicious Caribbean
cuisine but the strong family bond and commitment behind it. Marva and Wilken’s continued involvement, showcases their enduring dedication. Samantha’s leadership, combined with her illustrious corporate career and network, has propelled the restaurant to great heights.

Sapodilla’s has an impressive client portfolio that includes the Mastercard, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Obama Foundation, Prince George’s County Public Schools, GEICO and so much more. These clients and their longtime everyday customers have truly bolstered success and now a flagship restaurant that is coming Spring 2024 to the Historic Anacostia District.