Daily Menu


Jamaican Patties

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Coco Bread
  • Wingettes (6 and 14 pieces)
  • Fried Plantains

Home Baked Goods Fresh From Our Bakery

  • Pine Tarts
  • Coconut Buns
  • Carrot Cake
  • Cheese Cake


  • Curry Chicken Salad
  • Jerk Chicken Salad
  • Jerk Fish Salad

Specialty Drinks and Sodas

  • SaPoDilla's Fruit Punch
  • Sorrell
  • Mauby
  • D&G Sodas
    Ginger beer, cream soda, pineapple and all other bottle sodas
  • Power Malt
  • Ting
  • Can Soda
  • Bottled Water

Breakfast • (Sat morning only)

  • Salt Fish & Bake
  • Fired Cassava w/ Salt Fish
  • Green Banana w/ Salt Fish



Stewed Red Snapper

From the Caribbean waters of Guyana, this meaty and tasty fish is one of many signature dishes at SaPoDilla's.

Curry Chicken

Curry is a spice that originated from India and was refined when indentured servants migrated to the West Indies.

Oxtail Stew

This unique meat is seasoned at least one day before and is slow-cooked in a rich dark sauce filled with pimentos, tomatoes, onions and other unique spices.


Fort Washington • Maryland

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Fort Washington • MD • 20744

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Monday • Closed
Tuesday - Friday • 11:30AM - 8:30PM
Saturday • 10:30AM - 8:30PM
Sunday • Closed

Daily Menu


Served with rice & peas or white rice & vegetables


  • Curry Chicken
  • Stew Chicken
  • Jerk Chicken


  • Oxtail Stew
  • Curry Goat


  • Escoveitched Red Snapper
  • Stewed Red Snapper
  • Curry Red Snapper
  • Escoveitched Fish (Tilapia)
  • Jerk Fish (Snapper or Tilapia)
  • Curry Shrimp

Lunch Special

  • Lo-Mein/Veggie or Jerk
  • Jerk, Curry or Chicken Stew
  • Veggie Platter


  • Boneless Chicken Roti
  • Goat Roti
  • Shrimp Roti
  • Veggie Roti


  • Spinach
  • Cabbage
  • Curried Potatoes
  • Plantains